Sunday, February 8, 2009

Check Out Facebook

Hi All,
Sorry I have not been blogging much since Christmas.  Going back to work in January and finishing my dissertation sort of cut into my blogging time.  I am going to post some things on Facebook today though--it seems to have an easier time uploading photos and video so I will try that. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

James Sledding on Christmas Eve

Here is a little video of Jamie sledding this morning.  He loves it.  Next time, I will have to shut up so you can hear him giggling all the way down the hill.  Big smiles until the end when his mitten came partly off and filled with snow.  Oops.  He still had fun and insisted on going again, and again, and again until we decided it was just too cold to continue (that and Mommy fell over in the snow and had to come in before she froze!).

James on Christmas Eve

Here are some various photos of James from the last couple of weeks.  The ones of him sledding are from this morning.  He loved to sled and was very happy--even when Mommy pulled too hard and he got dumped in the snow face first.  What a trooper!

James enjoys complex building projects.  He no longer simply knocks them over--he helps build and then takes portions off to put on other sections.  It is fun to watch.

James building with the Holiday Christmas Tree channel in the background.  

A snooze on the couch after a hard day of building block towers.

Hi Mom, I love to play with my dump truck, blocks, and barn while wearing my Oilers Jersey.

James with Grandma Linda.  Mom made Jamie a new pair of cozy jammies.  He insisted on putting them on immediately.

Jeff and James walking up the steps to the hill.

A successful sled ride!

Ready to go, Mom!

I am not the happiest boy with a faux-hawk today!

Jeff shoveling snow last week at 6am.  We have a big pile (and no where to put it--it could get ugly if it all melts at once!).

James after sledding.  His cheeks are a little rosy and, if you look closely, there are likely some drops of water from melted snow after his face-plant.  But, it is was a good time.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Christmas from Jamie and Santa!

As you can see, we took James to see Santa. He had a lot of fun playing in Santa's Village while we waited for our turn. Then it was time to line up and that wasn't as much fun. He looks a little stunned here. Jeff and I plopped him on Santa's lap and then stood by the camera to make faces at him and he looked at us like we were crazy ("Why have you left me over here with this strange person?"). The photographer tried to take a second shot to see if we could get a smile, but his face started to screw up into a good wail (Oh My God! I am over here alone with a stranger and Mommy and Daddy are standing waaaay over there!! Waaahhhh!). So we decided stunned was the best we were going to get and grabbed him off Santa's lap before he could cry.

He still looks pretty cute!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

James is a Big Boy!

I took James for his 18 month appointment yesterday.  It was a bit of a gong show.  In the eternal bureaucratic ridiculousness that exists, they decided that because James got his 1 year vaccines 12 days before his 1 year birthday that this cannot possibly confer immunity and that he: a) could not get his 18 month vaccines; and b) had to have his 12 month repeated.  It seemed a waste but there was no arguing with them.  We now have to go back mid-December for his 18 month vaccines.  It doesn't hurt him to be doubly immunized but it does seem a slight waste of resources!  Oh well.  Since he was just a brave boy, we went to the bookstore and got him a cool book on Tractors with flaps to find things--he loves it.

He was also weighed and measured and is continuing his trend of being perfectly proportional.  He is 50th -- 75th percentile for both height and weight.  He is 32.5 inches tall and weighs 26 1/2 pounds--so he is pretty solid.  All is well now and here are some photos of James looking at his new tractor book this morning.

I love my new book and I can work some of the flaps all by myself!

I like my book but I am also trying to see the T.V.--so MOVE, Mom!

Ahh, a book and a T.V. show--what more could a boy ask for?  Nothing.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Came Early for Jamie!!

Santa came to our house early this year.  Jamie loves to sit in his car seat when we have it in the living room so we thought we would get him a child-size poang chair at Ikea.  We went today and he tried it out but when he gets out of it, it tips and falls on his head--so that was a big no!  But, he gravitated toward this cute little rocking chair so we picked it up instead.  He really seems to like it.  Merry Christmas Jamie!!

I am reading my Polar Bear book, Mommy and Daddy!

Jamie is an intent little reader.

Rock-a-bye, rock-a-bye, Jamie!

Hi Mommy and Daddy!  Cool chair!

Mom!! You and the camera are in my way!  I'm trying to see the T.V.!

P.S. There are some videos of Jamie on Facebook.  I couldn't get them to load here so I put them up there.

Life With James

Here are some various photos of James from the last little while.

Jamie and his big cousin Oliver.  James seems very impressed with Oliver, especially when he is doing skateboard tricks.

Bit hug for Oliver!

Playing outside!

Puss-in-Boots!  James likes to wear shoes and here he is in his baby sitter's big boots--he thinks they are pretty special.

James is sick!  This is from the other day when he got sick all over himself and me while we were at a friend's house.  We had to borrow some clothes to get home (he never pukes so I didn't have any extras--lesson learned).  He doesn't look like a girl in Katie's pink pants and puppy shirt--he just looks like a sad, sick little boy!  But, all better now.

Ravioli PIG!!

What a messy boy!